Social experiment performed by a girl on highway


While travelling from one place to another, we often have to see some interesting activities of the people on the roadsides. Many of them are busy in their routine matters but some are also busy to entertain the public. The people of European countries often like to do different interesting activities on the roads.

One of the interesting incidents was captured on the roadside of a city. A girl was trying to repair her car at the highway. She was completely unaware about the attention of the general public. People were enjoying the interesting experiments of the girl.

She was busy to perform her task without paying any attention to other people.It has become a common trend among the general public that many people try to make impression on others. They often pay their attention on the activities of other people instead of doing their own.

In fact, the girl was performing a social service on the roadside. It was not as astonishing as the people perceived at that time. The video clips of the incident were captured by many people and they uploaded them on different social media websites.