Pet cat kills venomous kobra snake


A video on social media has gained much attention in which a cat can be seen attacking the snake with its sharp claws. The back to back attacks made the snake helpless and caused to its death. It is very unusual to see a cat attacking the snake as a venomous snake capable to kill the cat in a single attack.

The cameraman accepted he had not seen such kind of incident in his life and was also surprised to see a brave cat. The video received three thousand like within two days and people lauded the bravery of the cat. They also shared their interesting experiences in the comment section. “It’s amazing cat and I would like to keep it at home”, said a young boy.

“The intelligent cat was well aware of the weakness of the snake as the cold weather had made difficult for it to make defensive attack ”, said another person. “Hunger has great power and it forces you to cross every obstacle”, commented another person.

According to wildlife experts, Snakes that are anxious and endangered will react defensively and it will frequently be obvious. Rattlesnakes are famous for announcing their annoyance with their snitch rattle. Other species will raise their heads and face you, perhaps hiss and in the case of cobras, raise their hoods. This is a clear signal that the snake is warning you to “Back off!” and it is always sensible to notice this warning.