Mixed swimming at the beach in southern of Iran


A Lithuania photographer published some photos from an island in vicinity of Iran, and according to him, in there young boys and girls can swim there with together, and enjoy from freedom. 

They can be necked, listening to music, dancing in the absence of police. Theodorus Gricaliounus, the photographer, says he heard some rumors about that beach during his visit to Armenia at last year. 
So he went there, and spends a day with those youth. He took some photos that someone call them as peak of rebellion teenagers on the beach.
An image report was published in I.D magazine that there Gricaliounus says: “I knew about that beach by a young couple in Armenia. 
I said, “I interested in travel there. They said there is a beach in south of Iran that I should see”. They described that there summer is very warm, and most of Iranians went there in winter.