A deadly fight between pet cat and wild kobra snake


Cameras captured the interesting moments when a cat attacked and killed a dreadful snake. The cat was wandering in the streets of the city in search of food when it saw a coiled snake lying on the road. The cat slowly moved towards to snake and carefully touched its head.

The snake uncoiled its body and attack the cat. However, the intelligent cat immediately jumped back a few feet and got ready for the next attack. According to the cameraman, the snake was present on the road and it was unable to move freely as the cold had frozen its body.

The cat took the advantage of the snake’s weakness and made it helpless with its sharp claws. Though, the snake did counter attack, but all efforts went in vain.

Later, the cat seized the snake in its mouth and took it away towards the unknown place. The bravery of the cat astonished the cameraman and he termed the video an unforgettable memory of his life.The video went viral on the social media and people lauded the courageous cat and the efforts of the photographer. They requested him to share his more experiences with them and suggested him to continue his passion.

 Wildlife experts say that snakes only attack when they feel a danger or provoked by someone. They rarely show aggressiveness and only do defensive attacks.
 Food and defence are the two main reasons for their attack. Otherwise, they avoid assaults and like to live peacefully.