The photos of first flower which is grown in space.


The famous space man of USA, Scott Kelly, delivered first plant to flowering in space station condition and this is big deal.
Plant breeding program is one of the critical and vital projects of space research to get possible implementation in journey to Mars.

Breeding of this flower is done in the plant laboratory of the International Space Station, and this laboratory is stable almost 2 years ago.
In this laboratory, the supplement of crew’s food of International Space Station is run and let me add that during the two years act of this laboratory a few kind of plant are grown in there such as edible lettuce.
The surveying of grow and living the plants without light and soil is the important research case of scientists.
Also these plant laboratories are work for growing the edible plants in long space trips of USA and Russia’s programs.
The plant and food producing and growing is one of important concerns in trip and living in Mars.
Because the Mars id very far, so spacemen cannot bear the enough food there.