Shopping mall try room prank

Shopping malls is a necessary part of the country, especially the countries like Pakistan, where the majority of the public belongs to the middle class who daily travel in public buses as they can’t afford their own conveyance.
The government is taking several steps to solve the problems of shopping malls, but the latest report shows that the condition isn’t satisfactory enough.
“Unfortunately, travelling becomes a throbbing experience for women and they daily faces sexual harassment in public places. Male customers use different tricks to grab their attention and misbehaving them, they consider their right.
Both the drivers and the customers stare them and make them embarrass. Women feel insecure while travelling by shopping malls. Drivers display uncultured behavior towards women customers, which is awfully irritating.
Noisy vulgar music is also played throughout the journey, which is very distressing for women customers.
Though, front part of the bus is assigned to the female customers, but the male customers never stop from their offensive acts. It is our duty to respect to females and let them work in a peaceful environment.
The government is taking serious steps in this aspect and initiating different projects as well. However, the progress is limited to the cities only and rural women are totally ignored.

The government officials vow to start projects in rural areas as well and promises to provide all facilities to the public equally.
 The females have appreciated this announcement and termed it necessary.