Lady caught stealing gold at jewelry shop


A girl at a local jewelry shop in Dubai was caught at the CCTV fooatage. The shop keeper was looking for some missing ornaments in the shop.
At first he failed to find them in the shop and later he realized that these pieces were missing from the tables as well. so he started to doubt the clients.

This gave him idea to look at the recording of the CCTV installed in the shop. While checking the recording of the camera he realized that he was robbed 24 hours and he dont even know it.

All this happened when a girl visited the shop along with two men. She hide different items in her dress and left the shop.

This is a very old trick that many women use in the world on daily basis.

Some people do it as they have no other way to make money but there are many women who do it as a habit.

We all know that these women dont belong to the noble class in the society.
Such women can do anything for money. This video is nothing but a one little example. If you are also running a retail business then be careful about this kind of ladies as they are found abundantly around the world.