Girl Dance on Webcam Goes Totally Wrong


An incident happened with a dancing girl scared and amused many viewers. The incident took place when a young girl was dancing before webcam and wishing birthday to her friend who lives in another city.

Burning candles were the basic cause of the incident as the fell down on them when one of her friend opened the door. Her friend was unaware from her presence besides the door and she opened the door in ignorance.

Girl’s body caught fire immediately. Though, her friend tried to extinguish fire but she wasted much time in fidgety. According to doctors, about 25% of her body has affected from fire but lucky her face and fragile body parts like heart and lungs remained safe.

Unfortunate girl admitted that the incident was happened due to her negligence as she should lock the door before dancing. Her friends and family are happy to her safe and sound and are hoping she will recover soon.

Doctors suggested her to take complete rest and showed happiness that she is recovering rapidly. Moreover, her distant friends and colleagues are sending best wishes and saying her thanks for celebrating their birthdays ever.