A Brave Man Spends his Life with Dreadful Lions


This is story of a brave man who spends his whole life with dreadful lions in his private forest in Johannesburg. Ha has family of thirty eight lions which are very loyal to him.

The whole story is covered by a discovery news channel. It is really astonishing to watch a number of lions with a single man. Lion is a really dreadful animal but this heroic man is full of spirit and does not afraid to spend time in playing with lions.

It takes year to build such relation of trust and affection with a frightful animal. Lions treat this man as a friend and family. He feels very safe with them.

Kevin is an animal behaviorist who does not believe in observing his subjects from a safe distance. On asking he said if someone talks about having animal love and does not go close to them, he is not a true animal lover.

As a fact, lions do not like water but in this video a young lion is playing with Kevin in the river. He is amazed wild life expert around the world.
There are many who say any human interaction with animals is just wrong but other say this is actually away to solve the issue of long survival of animals on earth.