Game of death or death of all games


Sometimes it becomes more difficult to explain about the happening of serious accidents. Most of the times, many accidents cause the death of people due to their negligence. History is full of such mishaps which resulted the happening of death of many people.

They were solemnly responsible for those distressing mishaps. It is often observed that minor clashes among the family members lead them to the serious results. While talking about the details of mishaps among the family members, it is necessary to discuss here about one of those horrible incidents. According to the provided details on media, a woman attacked her husband and killed him on the spot.
The reports described in details about the reasons of the mishap. There arose a dispute between the husband and his wife on a minor issue.
They enhanced the dispute without any logical reasoning. Ultimately, the disagreement led them to the murder of man by his wife.
According to the reports, husband was coming from first floor of the building to its ground floor by the stairs. When his wife saw that he is alone, she at once attacked him with a revolver. Her husband fell down from the stairs and died at the spot.
When the neighbors informed the police about the mishap, the lady vanished from the sight. She committed to kill her husband and ran away.
The police came on the place of mishap and reported about the misadventure. A little dispute ultimately caused to the death of a man. These types of painful incidents often take place in our society.