Unbelievable marriage of 60 years old woman with 8 years old boy

In Africa, there are strange traditions than
other places. In a strangest even in this country, an 8 years old boy got
married to 60 years old woman. 
The grandfather of this boy had a dream that
their ancestors are in torment and they said him that his grandchild must to
married very soon to they arrive to peace. 
Therefore, this boy that had
familiar with this woman’s children and loves this woman, suggested her and the
family of boy accepted her. Sanele Masilela that has 8 years got married to 61
years old woman that has 5 children, in presence of almost one hundred guest. 
This woman’s name is Helen Shabangu and she has husband. Based on Sanele
statement, his ancestors ordered him to get married to this woman. In this
marriage, no treaty was sign and bride and groom do not live together.