Supplication of 16 years old girl to marriage with her boyfriend

This Miss.
Student appeal from her parents to allow her, get married to her 18 years old
She knows that she will dead finally, so she tries to marry with her
beloved boyfriend as soon as. According Iran Naz report: Miss Iyona Lindelly
studies photography now and she interests to dance. 
She was being familiar with
her boyfriend, Lury Kestiven, by chatting. They make a date in a restaurant. 
first, she does not dare to say about her illness to Lury. However, after 3
weeks, she tried to say about it to him in any way. 
Miss Lindelly suffers a
disorder of Cystitis. Breathing is too hard for this girl. The peoples that
suffer this disorder are dead until thirties. Miss Lindelly appeals from her
mother and ask her: “allow me to marry with Lury please, I will dead finally, I
do not know that I am alive next year or not”. 
This couple married together
officially, with 125 invited guests to wedding in South Parada Baptist Church
in Leeds, in 2012.