Controversial news about transsexuality of a couple

An engaged couple said that they are not regretful because
of they are transsexuality surgery and are with together in public, although
people says them unsatisfying and hateful statements. 
Jimmy Eagle, 20 years old that was boy, and Luise, 25
years old that was born daughter, now changed their fate. 
This couple that both
of them transferred their sexuality, live in little town, Brigid, in south of
Velez. Because they live in little town, they receive unsatisfying of people as
online or personal about themselves. 
Jimmy says that he cannot goes out alone, because he
hears the hateful shout of people in streets or in cars. He thinks to could
help to history when he goes out. 
Jimmy and Luise said that they could not
remember their past before transsexuality because they always want to have
another sex and after maturity, the life became nightmare for them. 
This couple
that are friend with together for one year and engaged decided to marry after
finishing their surgeries.