An 31 years boy falls in love with 91 years old woman

Kayel Jones, the young 31 years old America boy from
Augusta in Georgia State, is friend with 91 years old woman for 5 years. Kayel
Jones makes appointment with some old women that live in nursing home. 
He even
takes them in his home to visit his 50 years mother.
However, his relationship
with Marjory Mackle is not a sectional and temporary their relationship is
continues for 5 years. 
Notwithstanding, Marjory is older 60 years than Kayel but
she has young heart. They are always with together and hands in hands. Kayel
says: “there is different cerebral tendency in men, some prefer blonds or some
prefer brunette women… I love old women”. This 31 years old young, in social
networks is becoming friend with women daily and talks with them. 
He said about
this: “their age is between 60 to 80 years.”
Kayel had been accustoming with Marjory in bookstore at
2009. He asked her phone number there. 
Marjory that was lives with her children
father for 37 years, accepted to makes date with Kayel.