The rapping to little orphan’s girl caused to mental problems for this 12 years old girl

Walter Johnson,
60 years old man, raped to 12 years old girl.
 This girl lost her parents last
year and they were deposit their daughter to Johnson that was their family
friend and had several of rape in past. Next day after Christmas holiday, it
found that this orphan’s girl is pregnant.
 As police statements, Johnson
escaped when he takes girl to clinic and there it recognized that she is
pregnant. Then, he called police and threated that if they want to follow him,
he will kill himself. 
Finally, Johnson arrested by Florida’s police last week,
and charged to three counts of crime, including sexual aggressive attacks.
denied any rape to this 12 years old girl and claimed that he suffered from
mental illness Schizophrenia and two others personality disorders. 
In addition,
he claimed in court that he stopped using drugs for long time.