The new photos of Tarlan Parvaneh and Arsalan Ghasemi with together

The biography of Arsalan Ghasemi: Arsalan Ghasemi (is
born at May 22, 1995 in Tehran) is an Iranian teenager actor. 
He until now
played in Yousuf-e-Payambar (Joseph the Prophet) and Dar Chashm-e-Baad (In the
Wind’s Eye) TV series in the role of childhood of Benjamin and the childhood of
Bijan role respectively, as well as some films. 
Ghasemi at first played in
childhood of Bijan (Parsa Pirouzfar) role in Dar Chashm-e-Baad TV series when
he was seven. 
The biography of Tarlan Parvaneh: Tarlan Parvaneh, the
Iranian teenager actor, is born at July 9, 1998. She has born at artist and
cultural family in Shiraz. 
She had been invite to participate in some teasers
by some advertising and same time; she played the roles in educated programs of
Jam-e-Jam TV network and IRIB 1 network.