The Amir Tataloo’s opinion about Golshifteh Farahani

Amir Tataloo (the pop singer) wrote on his Instagram
page, “I do not why everyone tells that I say my opinion about Golshifteh
Farahani? At first, I apologize for my intrusion. 
And then I want to say that
the body of woman is the easier way to entrance of devil because it is weaker
of man’s body and the paths is open to entrance of negative energies. 
the tolerance of childbirth pain makes her safe haven but also makes her far
attractive to deception of man. 
That is why Islam, which is a complete faith of
God, speaks serious about the hijab and veiling of woman!! Therefore, we must
to protect of our women and girls. 
Moreover, it is the reason why the decision
was on men in history!! I have believed that Golshifteh Farahani, involuntary,
was capture and guide by devil on moment and now she has regret for this wrong”.