The hottest Iranian men and women actors on Instagram

Elnaz Shakerdoust with 5M followers:
Any things
could be finding in her page.
 From the behind of scenes of movie’s pictures that
she acts on them to solarium ads and sparing about Tehran Derby and the
pictures of foods and decors are finding in her page.
Among her 10 recent pictures,
there is a picture among in Behesht-e-Zahra’s graves that is related to behind
of sense of “Asb-e-Sefid” (white horse) movie.

#🦋 … Photo by lovely @hanieh.zahed

Henkilön Elnaz Shakerdoost🎬 (@elnazshakerdoost) jakama julkaisu

That this picture has been
considered with almost 33,000 like and 1,200 comments more than other photos.
Mohammad-Reza Golzar with 480 thousand followers:
Reza Golzar has
many interesting that share the 15-seconds video on his page.

يادت هست مادر . . . !!؟ اسم قاشق را گذاشتي . . . قطار هواپيما كشتي تا يك لقمه بيشتر غذا بخورم شدي . . . خلبان راننده ملوان . . . به من ميگفتي : عزيزم ، غذا بخور تا زود بزرگشي . . . مثه شير قوي شي . . . حالا من بزرگ شده ام ، تو بزرگتر . . . حالا من قوي شده ام و تو ضعيف . . . كاش من هيچوقت بزرگ نميشدم تا تو همونطور جوان بماني كاش من هيچوقت بزرگ نميشدم تا الان ضعف را در صورت زيبايت نبينم . . . دستهايت را نوازش ميكنم ، تا تمام خاطرات خوب زنديگيم را بياد آورم . . سلامتي مادر كه خميده ترين ايستاده ي دنياست . . روزت مبارك مادر ❤️

Henkilön ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Mohammad Reza Golzar (@rezagolzar) jakama julkaisu

In last month,
most of his posts were about his deceased friend, Morteza Pashaei.
In his 10
recent posts, his picture in funeral of Pashaei with sunglasses and usual nice
style has most like with 29,000.