The Saudi Arabian mufti man molested to his 5 years old daughter!

A Saudi mufti,
Faihan Alghamedi, condemned to 8 years jail and 800 lashed because molesting to
his 5 years old daughter and torturing her until death.
Alghamedi also condemned that paying one million Saudi Riyal as compensation. 
amount money is equal of 270 thousand dollar of USA. 
This money is going to pay
to ex-wife of Alghamedi.
 The mother of this girl applied ten millions Saudi
Riyal as compensation for her girl death. 

second wife of Alghamedi that excused to association to crime also condemned to
10-month jail and 150 lashed. Lemi, the Saudi mufti girl, had been taken to
hospital because sever injuries at December 25, 2011. 

She lost her life after a
couple months.