Arrested of a cannibal man of Pakistan

The Pakistan
police arrested a man that accused to eating a baby. Already, he also jailed 2
years because cannibal and then was been free. 
The Pakistan police arrested a
man accused to eating a baby with his brother. His brother escaped and police
are searching him. Zafar Eghbal, the police chief of Daryakhan village of
Punjab state that is the residency of these two brothers, said: the neighbors
call the police when they found the stench odor from the house of these two
brothers. In addition, he said; the police found the head of a baby in their
The cannibal
man arrested and he confessed to his crime. He said that his brother brought
the body of baby home and they made a kebab from corps.
 Zafar Eghbal said;
Mohammad Aref ad Farman Ali, cannibal brothers, jailed because eating man at
2011, and they were been free last year.