Afshar’s photo, the famous Iranian actor, when she playing with dolphin at pool + biography of this actor

Mahnaz Afshar
is born at June 10, 1977, the Iranian actor of cinema and television. 
Mahnaz Afshar
started the acting with “Eshgh-e-Gomshode” (the Lost Love) TV show at 1997 and
then she entered to cinema by playing role in “Doostan” (friends) movie
directed by Ali Shah Hatami at 1998. 
She raised the fame by playing role in
“Shor-e-Eshgh” (Passion of Love) movie directed by Nader Moghadas at 2000. 
similarity of Mahnaz Afshar to Googoosh, the famous singer, was affect at
paying attention by media in her start up.