The mother who killed her nine years old daughter!

The mother who maintained her disable daughter
corpse in her house’s freezer for six months in Houston, Texas State is
arrested. The accused “Amberkis” has 35 years old that murdered her defective daughter
with starvation. The obtained information by police shows that, this girl died
because malnutrition and water shortage.
According to police, this 9 years old girl had
been slim before her death and suffering of malnutrition. The girl had been
suffering Cerebral Palsy Alliance and her mother claimed that she found her
corpse at home when her daughter didn’t breathe. This little 9 years old girl
that called “Ayana”, couldn’t speak or walk in the whole time of her life and
used of wheelchair on this time. According of police, this mother is been
caused of her death with imposed her starving. The Ayana’s father Said that for
a while I was separated of my wife and daughter and they live alone, when I
heard my daughter’s death, I became saddened. 
The mother who killed her nine years old daughter!
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